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Award Winning Scar Massage Therapy

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Rebecca Ayres

Rebecca Ayres

Scar Tissue Therapist

Rebecca Ayres is an award winning therapist, that offers bespoke Scar Therapy and Clinical Massage to help adults and children after surgery, key hole operations and burns. Rebecca’s areas of speciality are: C Section recovery, Breast surgery and Paediatrics.

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Reconnect with your body after surgery

There is often plenty of support and advice prior to surgery, but not enough attention is being paid to optimising recovery after major surgery. I am passionate about the human body, and the physical, emotional and psychological impact that can occur after an operation. You don't have to live with pain, numbness and other post-surgical symptoms.

Post Surgery Health & Wellbeing



Massage based Scar Therapy Treatments aim to provide optimal recovery for problematic scar tissue, adhesions, fibrosis, including individuals looking to enhance their post-surgery recovery.

1:1 CARE

Offering a range of personalised services including; hands on scar treatments, in-depth consultations, in person and online scar assessments and 1-1 support.


Treatments are gentle and non invasive which work on scar adhesions, which can improve numbness, sensitivity, red, raised, pain and tenderness.


Rebecca and her network of professionals are passionate about providing the best surgery aftercare to help you feel the best you can.

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