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Award Winning Scar Massage Therapy

How long does a scar take to heal?

Everyone is different, but a scar can take up to two years to reach maturity. Your body is a living being...changes happen constantly... don’t be surprised if it takes longer for a larger scar to heal. There are many ways that you can positively influence the way your scar heals. If you are ready to, we can show you how to self-massage your scar and advise you on the best scar creams and gels available during your appointment.

My c section scar is red. Is this normal?

After surgery and up to two years after surgery, the scar is still healing and recovering. The redness should subside, but if it doesn’t then scar therapy could help make a difference.

My scar is years and years old. Would scar therapy still help?

Yes! It does not matter how old your scar is. Scar therapy is gentle and effective and can still functionally help older scars and the surrounding areas feel better.

I feel pulling and tugging in my scar. What can be done to help me?

Sensations like these can occur, but are not pleasant. Scar therapy can help reduce these sensations. We offer a holistic approach to scar recovery. We can show you self-massage techniques, discuss postural and lifestyle advice to improve the way your body moves after surgery.

I can’t even look at my scar. How will you help me?

Many clients who come to us, are unable to look at or touch their scar. Talking about how they got the scar in the first instance starts the healing process. We take our time to actively listen and allow each individual to share their story. Helping to heal emotional scars can sometimes be a slow journey. There is no rush. It is a gradual process for the individual to start to look, then touch their scar, before hands on therapy treatment can begin.

What is scar therapy?

Scar therapy is a series of gentle, non invasive massage based techniques, which can help loosen the scar, help the individual with pain and an improvement in overall movement and posture.

My scar feels numb, can scar therapy help this?

Yes it can. After surgery, nerves are sometimes cut and the body is healing itself. Also, the individual may not feel “connected” to that part of the body, where surgery has occurred, and so not want to touch the scar. Scar therapy can help with numbness and decreased sensation, using “feather light” touch. This can also help the individual re connect with that body part.

Is scar therapy safe? Does it hurt?

Yes. Scar therapy is safe and is not painful. All the massage based techniques are gentle and rely on light touch only. We do not “friction” or “abrade”  or “tools” on or around the scar. The treatment should feel comfortable and should never hurt.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

It's tricky to say, as it depends on the scar, level of trauma and your personal goals. Rebecca will talk to you about how many sessions and the duration or each treatment during the Discovery Call or during your Initial Appointment.


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