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Award Winning Scar Massage Therapy

Holistic Scar Treatments for Optimal Recovery

Have you recently or even not so recently experienced an operation, reconstruction surgery or key-hole surgery and need some help recovering? Rebecca's bespoke, gentle hands-on approach will help you feel reconnected with your body after your surgery.

Is ScarWork for me?

Does your scar feel stuck, tight, lumpy or ridged? ScarWork can help improve how your scar tissue feels and functions by focussing on creating better movement between the skin, fascia and muscles.

Helping you on your journey

Your body can change after surgery. Rebecca helps to address postural changes, tightness, numbness, redness and restricted movement due to new and older scars.

Let's focus on your recovery

Recovery after surgery can have it's ups and downs, it's often not linear. If you'd like to gain a better understanding on how to improve your recovery, please get in touch.

Award Winning Clinical Scar Massage Therapy in Leicestershire.

Rebecca Ayres offers specialised scar massage treatments and has experience treating hundreds of different surgical, war wounds, accident, burn and radiotherapy scars. She uses her 18 years+ therapy experience and a toolbox of skills to offer a unique and holistic treatment to every individual she supports.

Areas of specialism:

Rebecca has a particular passion for:

  • C-Section Recovery
  • Abdominal scars
  • Breast surgery scars
  • Facial scars
  • Holistic Scar Recovery
  • Painful / tight scars
  • Scar tissue, fibrosis and adhesions
  • Chronic pain
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