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Award Winning Scar Massage Therapy

Rebecca draws on over 15 years of experience working as a Clinical Massage Therapist, specialising in ScarWork (Scar Therapy) to help individuals recovery well after surgery.  Sharon Wheeler's Scarwork techniques are gentle and non-invasive. Rebecca understands the body, and the physical, emotional and psychological impact that can occur after surgery and /or an accident.


What can we help with

Reconnecting with your body

After any trauma, especially surgery, the person can feel a sense of “disconnection” with the body part which has been operated on. There may be a sense of weakness in that area, of pain (both emotional and physical) and the fearfulness of touching that “injured” part of the body. At Reactiv8 Therapy, we take our time in helping clients talk about the emotional impact their surgery has had on them or following an accident. We help clients become accustomed to look and even touch their own scar. We offer advice, treatment and ways to re connect with that body part; to help trust and engage with the body as a whole.

Tightness around the scar

Many people experience a tightness around their scar, sometimes years after surgery. You may be able to feel the tightness when you exercise, sit, walk or stretch in certain positions. Often the cause for this tightness, results from the scar tissue under the surface forming adhesions, which can limit movement. The body is an amazing machine, which compensates for this restriction, but over time can result in aches and pains elsewhere in the body. Here at Reactiv8 Therapy, we use gentle massage based treatments, which can help breakdown and realign “stuck” scar tissue. This offers the body a more natural way to move and function.

Increasing circulation

Many people can experience a decrease in circulation, as part of the aging process, after surgery or trauma, or from a genetic condition. Here at Reactiv8 Therapy our gentle massage based treatment techniques can help increase circulation around the body, helping the body to reconnect and the individual to feel globally better. Using “feather light touch” to influence cellular changes under the skin, can aid in circulatory improvement.

Restricted mobility due to scaring

Wherever the scar is on your body, this will have an impact on your overall movement. For example; if the scar is on or around your tummy, then the body tends to compensate by “leaning forward” in order to protect the area which is healing. This can sometimes lead to lower back pain, tightness around the hips, and referred pain across the shoulders and neck area. Likewise, if the scar is on the shoulder, then this can reduce movement in the arm, neck, back and can sometimes lead to headaches. We at Reactiv8 Therapy, offer tailor made, holistic and individualised assessments to ensure we correct posture, help re align the body and advise specific exercises and stretches in order to maintain “normal movement.”

Stimulate and boost healing

After surgery and/or a trauma, the body will find its own way of healing and recovering. Here at Reactiv8 Therapy, we encourage this healing process and stimulate cellular changes under the skin, with our light “hands on” massage techniques. This helps boost the healing process, and can help the individual feel physically and emotionally revived. Scar massage is also recommended by some surgeons, to help minimise long term complications.

Improve your confidence and overall wellbeing

After any surgery and/or trauma your body will start to recover. However, did you know that your muscles have a memory and can hold onto physical and emotional pain? Regardless of where the scar is on the body, it will have an effect both physically and emotionally on the body. Here at Reactiv8 Therapy we work with the client, putting them at the centre of everything we do. We understand the body and combine listening and careful advice, regarding topics such as diet and nutrition, exercise prescription, posture advice, scar gels/creams and aim to help you feeling “more you” again.

Scar sensitivity, pain, itching and numbness

Regardless of the age of the scar, some individuals will find their scar is still sensitive, causes them pain and could be itchy or numb. When a scar is sensitive, it could be due to the individual not engaging or touching the scar. In the early stages, the scar could be painful and sensitive due to the early healing phase of recovery. At Reactiv8 Therapy, we use extremely gentle massage based techniques to help reduce pain and normalise sensitivity of the scar. Did you know that a scar takes up to two years to reach maturity? With this in mind, associated symptoms maybe present long after surgery. Numbness can occur around the scar due to nerve damage, and disassociation with the scar. Our intricate techniques can help increase overall normalised sensation of scar tissue.


Lymphoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues. It can affect any part of the body, but usually develops in the arms or legs. The lymphatic system is a network of channels and glands throughout the body that helps fight infection and remove excess fluid. Swelling occurs when the lymphatic system does not work properly. This dysfunction could be because of damage to the lymph nodes during surgery, some or all of the lymph nodes being removed or injury to the lymph nodes. Also, after a severe infection, if the lymph nodes have been damaged, then swelling can occur. While there is no cure for Lymphoedema, Reactiv8 Therapy can help manage symptoms, by using lymphatic massage and drainage techniques, to help relieve the swelling in the affected limb.

Put you in control of your recovery

Our main priority is you. Our clients are at the center of everything we do. Every suitable treatment option is explained and tailored to the individual. We take our time to listen and work in conjunction with the client, throughout their recovery journey with us. In our relaxing bespoke clinic rooms, the client can focus on their treatment and recovery.