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Bapscarcare – Invisible silicone scar gel


BAPSCARCARE GEL ideal for little scars and little scars on the face, neck and skin folds. The gel feels pleasant, is not sticky and enriched with vitamin E.

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BAPSCAR CARE Gel is the new generation silicone gel for the treatment of old and new scars. It is simply the best silicone gel we have tried in the clinic. It can be applied in a single movement. This silicone scar gel is ideal for small scars and scars on face, neck and skin folds, due to being 100% invisible and can even be worn under makeup.

Why Reactiv8 Therapy love BAPSCAR Gel:

  • Can be worn under make-up
  • Scars are prevented, fade or disappear
  • Reduced discomfort from itching, pain and redness
  • 100% invisible
  • Silky soft and instantly dry
  • Feels velvety

Benefits of BAPSCAR CARE:

  • A medical, silicone therapy that ensures quicker and improved healing of the skin
  • Reduced discomfort from itching, pain and redness
  • Softer, smoother, more flexible skin
  • Contains medical grade silicone
  • Enriched with nourishing vitamin E
  • Non-greasy, quick-drying gel
  • Invisible matt finish- idea for wearing underneath makeup or cosmetics

Ensure the skin is clean and dry before use. Apply to the scar twice a day.

Following a survey between BAP SCAR CARE Gel and the most widely used silicone gel, as many as 99% of the respondents preferred BAP SCAR CARE Gel. What the respondents said about BAPSCAR SILICONE GEL:

“Feels silky soft”
“Is not greasy or sticky”
“Dries immediately”
“100% invisible”
“Easy to apply”


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